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Sins of the Past Book Two

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. That was how it all started. With my father. Her father. Their sins. Our sins. The sins of our past.

Our love could break us. Their power could destroy us. But I would die trying. She would die fighting. The men who took her would pay.

Blood would be spilled. Lives would be shattered. I vowed to end them. All of them.

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Editorial Reviews

“Jillian Quinn delivers the perfect amount of suspense and sexiness in her new mafia series. It’s a must click.” ~ USA Today Bestselling Author, T.L. Smith

“Wow, what a mafia book!” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“Talk about a romantic suspense…” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“Oh Wow Oh Wow what did I read. This book was explosive.” ~ Once Upon a Romance Blog

“Wow! Just finished The First Sin and I’m blown away.” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“Intense and raw, The First Sin left me breathless.” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“I mean wow this book will have you going through so many emotions and twist and turns and the lies you won’t know who to believe and what a ending.” ~Goodreads reviewer