The Match

When my friend set me up on a blind date without my permission, I never expected him to be so good looking, making it hard to say no. Our first date was awkward. But when it came to the bedroom, we made sense.

Everything was perfect... until Sloan became the new interim Residency Program Director... and my new boss.

Sloane was supposed to train me, turn me into a surgeon. Instead, he showed me how good he was with his hands. No matter how hard we tried we couldn't stay away from each other. He was like an addiction I couldn't kick. We both knew what we were doing was wrong. But Sloan made it too hard to stop, even with the threat of losing our jobs hanging over our heads.

Editorial Reviews

"Sloan & Ava are a couple you will not forget." ~ Goodreads reviewer

"Sloan and Ava heated up the pages from their first meeting. Perfect mix of sweet, sassy and steamy." ~ Goodreads reviewer

"This doctor and resident really heat up the workplace as their sex with no strings relationship begins to turn into so much more. So Fun, So Sexy and So good." ~ Goodreads reviewer

"The humor and the hotness in this book is like nothing else." ~ Goodreads reviewer