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Face-Off Series #1

After another puck bunny scandal sends me to Philadelphia, my new agent wants me to clean up my act. She says I party harder than I play. And she’s right. So, she offers to help me get my life and career back on track on one condition. I have to move in with her. I thought I could make it through one week without wanting my agent. But I was wrong.

Our living arrangement makes it impossible to stay away from each other and tests her rule about dating clients. But with my past, keeping my distance is the only thing that could save her from becoming my next scandal. I just didn’t know it. Not until it was too late.

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Editorial Reviews

“Once I started reading this, I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Kristin’s Novel Café

Steamy sports romance with heart and wit. ~ Violin Vixen Reviews

“Parker is one of my Favorite Romances this year and one of my Favorite Romances of All Time!!” ~ Hanna’s Book Obsession