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More Than Series #2

Falling for my best friend’s little sister wasn’t part of the plan…

Mia was the last person I ever wanted for a roommate. But when the apartment I shared with her older brother flooded, we needed a place to crash. Being so close to Mia stirred up old feelings that neither of us could deny. Our living situation changed everything. A stolen kiss when her brother wasn’t looking was only the beginning.

We both knew what we were doing was wrong. But our forbidden romance felt too good to stop.

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Editorial Reviews

“That was such a spine-tingling, heart heavy, laced with sexual tension romance I wondered if my Kindle was starting to sweat!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“More Than Roommates is a sultry little tale that pushes the boundaries of friendship, reunites long lost lovers, and rights the wrongs of the past.” ~ Reds Romance Reviews

“Ethan and Mia are a force to be reckoned with.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“This book is smoking hot. Mia and Ethan are off the charts.” ~ Amazon Reviewer