Face-Off Legacy Series #2

I should have known they were different people. It was so stupid of me not to notice. But Tucker’s hands set my skin of fire as much as Trent’s. Tuck whispered sweet things that made me want more. Trent did this sexy thing that made my toes curl. And I was lost to them, without even knowing it.

I fell hard, but only one of them owned my heart. Only one of them loved me back. And I was hoping it was the right guy… As I stared down at the blue lines on the pregnancy test.

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Editorial Reviews

“Jillian Quinn once again writes an easy to read, sports romance that sucks you in and leaves you feeling invested in the characters and the outcomes of their lives. ” ~ Goodreads reviewer

“The guessing game of who is who and who she will choose when it all comes out had me on the edge of my seat” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

I absolutely love this series, the characters and I didn’t want the story to end.” ~ Goodreads reviewer

This book was well worth the wait. The chemistry, characters and storyline will have you flipping pages before your fingers can catch up.~ Goodreads reviewer