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Love in the End Zone Series #2

When a masked girl throws herself at Shawn at a costume party, he assumes she’s another football groupie trying to get his attention. Except she’s not just any girl. She’s the blonde in the blue dress who kissed him and ran away. Desperate to find her, Shawn searches for her with no luck.

So, it must be fate when his grade point average drops and the college assigns him a tutor not knowing they just handed over his mystery girl. She’s had a crush on Shawn since the first time she spotted him on campus. One kiss was all she’d ever wanted. But Shawn has other plans once he discovers the truth about his tutor.

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Editorial Reviews

“Fun and sexy twist on one of my all-time favourite fairy tales!” ~ Violin Vixen Reviews

“A modern day fairy tale that is sure to speak to the heart of every reader, and bring back those childhood dreams of meeting your prince and living your happily ever after.” ~ Red’s Romance Reviews

“You get all the fairy tale feels with a little spiciness mixed in…just how I like it!” ~ Goodreads Reviewer